When Adam and I started Drogune, I always knew the destination. What was in question was the route we took to get there.

Since 2016 we’ve been experimenting with styles, release schedules, how to convey the greater lore, and how to make the project work for us. We’ve come to the realization that for Drogune to work, it can’t be done in pieces. It needs to be done as it was intended: as one long book.

So the crew of Fortune’s Lap is plotting a new course. One with a refined, cohesive visual language. One that will present the story all together. One that – dare we say it – you can hold in your hands?

Thank you to everyone who read, shared and supported our project to this point. The original pass of the initial 70 pages, as well as the Lore Pages, will all remain up as a “proof of concept” for what we’re setting out to achieve. Once we have our course laid out and are ready to set sail, we’ll share with you the future of Drogune.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, and we’re excited to show you what we have in store.

May Nordastra light your way,