July Update

Unfortunately our very aggressive summer schedule proved too aggressive. We’ve had to reassess what we can do and how quickly, which has pushed back our time table to…a frustratingly nebulous state. However, our patrons are currently enjoying a sneak-peek of what could’ve been with an annotated version of our last major milestone. I like to call it “Drogune 3.0.” Hopefully that can tide them over until “Drogune 4.0” is finally up and running. Thanks as always for your patience and support.


We’ve been busy!

First off, fans of the original run of Drogune can return to Fortune’s Lap once more with a free digital trade that collects all 60+ pages! You can download it here.

Secondly, we’ve spruced up the site here and there to help folks understand just what Drogune is and why we’re so passionate about it. Have a look around!

We’re hoping to kick things off this summer. In the meanwhile keep an eye on our Twitter, and subscribe to Adam’s Twitch channel to catch him doing design work!

Drogune in 2023

A new year brings a new direction for Drogune. Adam and I are working hard to build things up towards our next big push to get this sucker to see the light of day.

To that end we’re restructuring the website to be more focused and news oriented. It’s a work in progress, but you’ll be able to download the original run as a digital comic in the near future, as well as the manga-like Drogune: Outlaw.

Our ever-loyal patrons are patiently waiting with their contributions preemptively supporting our plans for the year.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we’ll have more news soon!
– Ian